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    BIM Services

    The Drafting Company Inc. specializes in offering Revit BIM Services providing BIM Modeling, BIM Coordination, BIM Shop Drawings, BIM As-Builts & Scan to BIM Modeling for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Fabricators & Manufacturers looking for a dependable long-term partner they can count on.

    We offer many pricing options:

      • Lump-Sum Project by Project Basis
      • Hourly Basis
      • Fixed Pricing based on Quantities Submitted
      • Monthly Not-to-Exceed with a Customer Set Maximum Amount Chargeable Basis
      • Part-Time Dedicated Resource Basis, 20+ Hours Minimum Weekly Required
      • Full-Time Dedicated Team Resourced Basis, 40+ Hours Minimum Weekly Required

    All options come with our client-focused Project Management supportive system. We require a 25% Deposit to Mobilize our team, that are Invoiced monthly and extended with favorable Net 30 payment terms.

    Our dedicated and solution-oriented people have extensive experience in developing, drafting and modeling project deliverables while working closely with their clients to understand and apply the most appropriate level of service required. We possess an exceptional team that is highly trained with diverse expertise in supporting a wide range of disciplines. Our team consists of modelers, drafters, and project managers supported by world-class software, hardware, and infrastructure, with the expertise expected to complete complex, on-time, cost-effective submissions.

    We are constantly investing in our people and the technology applied to enable rapid and innovative solutions to complex requirements. Our approaches are seasoned with a combination of old-world principles and the current proven industry practices. Our company's culture is further enhanced by deploying forward-thinking, time-saving, cost-decreasing procedures coupled with knowledgeable and talented people engaged on your behalf.

    Our BIM competency is very high, with over 15 years of concentrated experience supporting Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protections disciplines. We often run the BIM Coordination Process, too, for General Contractors. We support BIM modeling efforts at LOD 350 Per Submittal with Hangers, etc. & LOD 400 for Fabrication and Spooling is requested for the Mechanical HVAC Ducting & Pipe, Electrical Low & High Voltage & Plumbing, and MEP as the key subcontracting BIM contributors. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to be involved early in the BIM process, aiding Construction Managers and Owners who are trying to justify applying a BIM approach to their construction process. Also, early on, we often assist Architects needing an outside resource to bolster their in-house BIM department's capabilities while occasionally helping the Structural design firms that need 2D to BIM conversion services. Many MEP Engineering firms need help transferring their 2D designs to a 3D BIM-rich virtual model. The modeling can range from LOD 100, 200, 300, 350, 400 & 500, depending on the objective and when it's invoked. These levels of approach can be implemented early on during the design process as a pre-coordination technique between Architectural and Structural. Once complete, it can be further used by the MEP Engineers and the MEP Construction Contractors not experienced in BIM to at least a LOD 350 level but sometimes raised to an even further level of LOD 400 for fabrication and Spooling take-off benefits that offer a significant amount of ROI when doing so to the sub-contractor by reducing field fabrication to an extreme extent.

    Suppose BIM is new to you. Welcome! There is no need to fear it; it can offer an ROI between 10% and 40% when fully applied. With the possibility of gaining an ROI to that level, why not consider it for your next applicable construction project? BIM is to nail gun as 2D CAD is to a high-quality plumb hammer. You must see if, for yourself, the actual benefits are only sometimes apparent once the BIM Coordination process virtually takes place and all the details get worked out. Compared to the traditional CAD-based trade-to-trade pass-around coordination method, it is not so apparent at first due to the lengthier duration of the BIM-based coordination process. It consumes a lot more upfront time, focus and energy than the 2D approach; It is estimated that BIM coordination could take 3 to 7 times longer compared to the traditional CAD approach. The duration is mainly dependent on the LOD applied, how well upfront per-coordination care has been applied, and the spatial allowances considered between the Architectural elements and Structural with the MEP disciplines that are crossing or stacking in unforeseen ways within the CD set. The trade density on trade congestion must be considered upfront for things like overlapping, tight routing, crossing trades, access requirements and other spacial contemplation that need to be worked out upfront.

    It always provides some ROI in installation time, thereby offering schedule compression benefits that are impossible in the traditional 2D coordination process. TDCI is one of the foremost providers of BIM in the industry, packed with knowledgeable ASMEPF BIM advocates in today's seemingly ever-changing construction industry.

    We apply the best BIM-related practices for AECO contributors supporting the building construction industry.

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