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Specializing in BIM Modeling Services

We are fully equipped MEP-based Drafters, Detailers and Modelers with decades of experience in supporting a diverse range Building Construction related projects. We offer support remotely.

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Specializing in providing Full-Service BIM modeling, coordination, clash resolution, shop drawings, fabrication drawings, spool drawings, and as-builts services for Construction projects and Building Product Family Related Models.

Supporting Architectural, Structural, MEP Engineers, General Contractors, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP), Fire Protection Trade disciplines and any type of Manufacturers needing BIM Family Content Creation modeling services. Ranging from design modeling used to develop Construction Documents to then be used for coordination, and clash-clearing against other trades with the objective in developing approved shop drawings for construction that can be also be developed into fabrication and spool drawings through to full service as-builts for facility management use as a full life cycle documentation system.

With Revit, we can model, document and visualize building & construction-related projects of any size or complexity.  With proven Revit technology, we confidently take on any construction project. No matter what design information you are working with or what type of deliverable is required, we can rely on Revit’s flexibility and power to get the job done as expected and on schedule.


AECO, Architectural, Engineers, Contractors, Owners, Structural, MEP Design Firms, General Contractors, Mechanical, HVAC, Ducting, Ventilation, Electrical, Communications/Security, Plumbing, Refrigeration, Piping, Equipment Manufacturing, Fabrication, etc.


Additions, Alterations, Interiors, New Projects, Pre-design, Design, Planning Schematics, Design Development, Construction Documents, Pre-qualification, Bidding/Negotiating, Bidding, GC Bidding-invitation, Sub Bidding, Construction, Subcontract Award and Operation, Facility Management, Operational & Manual, As-built, etc.


Academy, Airports, Apartment and Condominiums, Commercial, Communications Buildings, Data Centers, Dormitories, Educational, Elderly and Assisted Living, Entertainment, Federal Facilities, Governmental, Healthcare, Hospitality, Hotels & Motels, Industrial, Institutional, Laboratories, Local Government, Manufacturing, Medical, Military, Mixed Use and Retail, Municipalities, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Office and Headquarters, Private, Public Services, Recreation, Religious/Funeral, Schools, Site Development, Stadiums, State, Transportation, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. General Services Administration, U.S. Veterans Administration, Utilities, etc.

Why BIM?  The Realization for 3D Modeling Coordination

The construction industry’s acknowledgment that substantial savings were found is what sparked the switch from a 2D CAD process to 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling).  For instance, Navisworks far exceeds CAD’s traditional overlay approach.  Using BIM to virtually model trades and, in addition, performing multi-trade coordination for clash identification is more efficient.

Old-school 2D processes have a usefullness in the industry.  However, they are incapable of thoroughly identifying all complex, overlapping routing clashes.  As a result, trade installers find them later, on the job site, after their discipline is already installed.  The result is expensive delays, reworks, tear-outs and inefficient rerouting.  These issues are 100% avoidable when seen in advance using BIM.

In steps BIM

Virtual coordination, through BIM, eliminates any of these problems before the construction process even begins.  This is specifically true because collaboration via Navisworks finds conflicts otherwise missed in the 2D clash-detection process.

Due to this, a project will go into production without any costly complications in the form of unanticipated conflicts and time-delaying, makeshift modifications.  Furthermore, time-saving, spooled details allow for the prefabrication of parts produced off-site and ready to go in place as needed.  The results are therefore more efficient and also more cost-effective.

The Future is now

BIM has arrived and is gaining momentum as the industry standard as a growing percentage of the industry embraces its benefits daily. Without a doubt, the overall trade installation experience has become virtually simplified, needing less site-time and investigation than previously required.

In summary, on-the-spot, unplanned adjustments are a thing of the past because conflicts can now be studied and rerouted ahead of time virtually, using BIM. Creating an entirely clash-cleared model long before the construction process begins is now a reality.

These are just a few of the many benefits of implementing BIM today.


An exceptional team of highly trained and diversely discipline-based experienced modelers, drafters, and project managers that are supported by a world-class infrastructure that enables the delivery of complex projects to clients. TDC delivers a uniquely specialized, customizable experience as a team-based company. These approaches are implemented using a combination of old-world principles and the most current proven industry practices. Projects and the company’s culture are further enhanced with proactively applied forward-thinking, time-saving, cost decreasing processes and procedures coupled with knowledgeable and talented people engaged on your behalf. TDC is committed to excellence while driven to keep up with the latest technology. The teams are smart and very talented, who are proactive thinkers, driven, and passionate. They go the extra mile. The teams have an extraordinary amount of experience and have completed thousands of projects over 28 years.


Since opening our doors in 1993, we have focused on client needs by providing a wide range of 2D drafting and 3D industrial modeling services. Serving the growing industry need for BIM-based services in markets all over the U.S. from Hawaii to Las Vegas to Chicago to Houston to New York to Florida, and virtually everywhere in between, we offer basic to advanced levels of drafting, BIM modeling, and design services.

Our mastery of leading-edge technology allows our teams to work for clients from virtually anywhere. We understand that your project is unique and demands quality deliverables and meeting your budget goals. TDC teams are dedicated to quality and committed to building long-lasting relationships by providing excellent customer service and project results.


Our mission is to create long lasting relationships with our clients. We believe by leveraging the integration of the newest technology and keeping a vigilant eye on the evolving principles we will help support the building and manufacturing industry improve business practices that enable excellence in communications and collaboration.

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    Our team offers a great depth of knowledge and experience, with our services priced to be competitive. All of our services are provided by experienced personnel who keep in mind our clients’ best interests.


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